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Learn More About Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne is the capitol of Wyoming and the seat of Laramie County. Some of Cheyenne’s attractions include the Wyoming State Capitol, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Nagle-Warren Mansion, and the Atlas Theatre.

Cheyenne is also a great place to find a reputable lawyer who takes cases such as: estate administration, personal injury, will and trusts, medical malpractice, and family law cases like divorce and custody issues. Lawyers in Cheyenne are qualified to consult on any legal issue that you may face.

Recently in Cheyenne, CVS Pharmacy has agreed to pay $36.7 million to curb allegations that they improperly altered patrons’ Zantak prescriptions from tablet form to a more expensive form to increase Medicaid reimbursement. A reported $21.1 million has been set aside to pay out to victims.

If you are looking to fight criminal charges in Cheyenne, you will be visiting the First Judicial District Court. This court also hears domestic relations cases like divorce and custody issues. District courts also have exclusive jurisdiction over criminal, civil, juvenile, probate, and mental health cases, plus civil and criminal appeals. To fight a traffic ticket, you will have to petition the First Judicial District Circuit Court which also hears real property and small claims cases with limits of $7,000 and $5,000 respectively.

It’s important to have the best Cheyenne lawyer on your side; LegalMatch is the most accurate method of pairing you with a lawyer that specializes in your particular case field. LegalMatch also offers on online legal resource center with tips on selecting a lawyer and Forums on nearly every type of case. As always, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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