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Kearney has a number of public parks, is home to the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and is the county seat of Buffalo County. Kearney is also where the state’s official collection of art is housed in the Museum of Nebraska Art.
With great academic and outdoor life, Kearney is also the location of many talented lawyers who are familiar with the Buffalo County courts. Lawyers in Kearney take cases like wrongful death, child custody, bankruptcy, criminal, and personal injury cases but are able to consult you on any legal issue that you may face.
Heather Poppe, a Kearney resident, was recently killed on I-80 in a head on collision with Robin Siefker who was trying to kill himself. The Nebraska Supreme Court let the $46,925 wrongful death award that was appealed by Poppe’s mother stand.
If you have a small claims case that totals less than $2,700 or are filing adoption papers, you will be visiting the Buffalo County Court which also has exclusive jurisdiction over probate/estate cases. The 10th Judicial District Court will be where you go if you are facing felony charges, mental health, or a real property case over $51,000.
LegalMatch is a free service that helps you find pre-screened lawyers in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska, and throughout the United States. After submitting a brief synopsis of your case, it will be reviewed by local lawyers who are interested in your specific case type. It’s a great avenue to find a lawyer specializing in your case, satisfaction guaranteed. Also, check out the tips section for helpful advice on selecting local lawyers for your needs.
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