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Many people are familiar with Grand Island because it is home to Fonner Park, the track that hosts Nebraska’s horse racing circuit season opener. Grand Island also is where you can find the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and is the seat of Hall County.
Many talented lawyers who are familiar with Hall County courts call Grand Island home. Grand Island Lawyers take all kinds of case; some examples are personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, and wills and trusts.
A state operated facility for the elderly and developmentally challenged, similar to the one in Grand Island, recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $600,000. Olivia Manes died January 16th from a seizure at the Beatrice State Developmental Center where it was deemed staff had not administered sufficient emergency care. Eleven more state developmental facilities modeled after the Grand Island branch are planned to begin construction over the next 2 ½ years.
If you have a probate or adoption case and you live in Grand Island, you will be visiting the Hall County Court in Grand Island; however, is you have felony charges, the 9th Judicial District Court retains exclusive jurisdiction. It is to your advantage to begin working on your case as soon as possible with a pre-screened Grand Island lawyer.
LegalMatch is the best place to find a Grand Island Lawyer who will be able to successfully see your case through the end. By allowing you to review prices, availability, and past clients’ reviews, LegalMatch is able to comprehensively match you with a pre-screened Grand Island lawyer. Before you begin, check out our tips on choosing the best lawyer for you and also the online law library.
For more information on Grand Island lawyers and courts, please see the helpful links below:
  • Nebraska Judicial Branch
  • Hall County Courts
  • Grand Island Public Library

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