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Fifty miles west of the Missouri river lies Lancaster County, NE. The first permanent European settlers arrived in 1857, and the county was officially founded in 1859. Today the population has grown to 250,300. Lancaster County contains the second most populous city in the state and its capital, Lincoln, so named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. Attractions in Lancaster County include the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Museum, the University of Nebraska, and the Lester F. Larson Tractor Test and Power Museum.
Multiple top-notch Lancaster County lawyers reside in this bustling mid-west community. Lawyers in Lancaster County can assist you with legal matters involving business, family, criminal, medical malpractice, real estate, or any other issue that you may face.
Lawyers in Lancaster County recently filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of Sandra Cartwright and other state employees. The lawsuit alleges that state employees who resided in predominantly African-American ZIP codes were offered inferior health insurance coverage. According to the pleading, those African-American employees of the state had their health care insurance packages restricted to three options, while those outside of the predominately African-American ZIP codes had the option of better plans that offered more in-network doctors and access to national facilities such as the Mayo Clinic. The lawsuit is ongoing.
The Nebraska judicial system is structured as county courts, district courts, a court of appeals, and the state supreme court. Lawyers in Lancaster County typically argue their case in the Lancaster County Court, the Lancaster County District Court, the Nebraska Court of Appeals, or the Nebraska Supreme Court. Each court is unique – a Lancaster County lawyer can help to explain any special rules or procedures of the courts. can match you with a local Lancaster County lawyer experienced with your type of legal issue. Our website also provides helpful tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on a variety of popular legal issues. Finding the right lawyer is an important decision- allow LegalMatch to help find the right attorney for your unique case.
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