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Learn More About Douglas County, NE

Douglas County is Nebraska’s most populous county and is the home of Omaha. The County is named after Stephen Douglas, a famous politician in the 1850s who lost a Presidential race against someone you might have heard of: Abraham Lincoln
Douglas County lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, real estate law, bankruptcy, family law, and many others.
Douglas County representative Ernie Chambers made national news when he filed a lawsuit against a well connected defendant: God. The lawsuit, a protest against frivolous lawsuits, claimed the court had jurisdiction thanks to Gods’ omnipresence, which meant He was personally present in Douglas County. A reply was filed by an unknown representative requesting dismissal due to lack of personal service on the defendant.
Cases such as this begin in the Douglas County Court, part of Nebraska’s 4th Judicial District. Even if you are not going up against an All-Powerful defendant, it helps to have an attorney who knows the ropes. You will want to hire an experienced Douglas County attorney who is familiar with the rules and procedures of your local court.
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