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Learn More About Montgomery County, AL

Montgomery County can trace its routes back to the early 1800s when settlers first began arriving in the area. Up until 1997, nearly 200 years later, Montgomery city was the only municipality in Montgomery County. In 1997, the town of Pike Road was incorporated, making Montgomery County the fourth largest county in the state by population.

There are many experienced Montgomery County lawyers in the area that are skilled in a variety of areas of law including personal injury, business, contracts, employment, DUI, criminal defense, automobile accidents, wrongful death, divorce, and more.

A jury in Montgomery County recently told the judge sitting on a complex case that they were deadlocked in their deliberations. The lawsuit arose when the state sued a California pharmaceutical company and alleged that the company had been overcharging Alabama’s Medicaid program for both generic and prescription drugs that were given out through the state’s program. The lawyer for the state asked the Montgomery County jury to return a verdict containing the nearly $25 million in actual damages, and to tack on a punitive damage award of three to five times that amount so that the drug company would feel the pain and learn a lesson. However, after days of deliberation, the jury remained deadlocked even while the attorneys for both sides continued to try to reach a settlement agreement.

If you have a case that you need to file that arose in Montgomery County, you will probably have to report to the Fifteenth Circuit Court of Alabama. Getting all of your papers in order can take a lot of time and effort, but a local attorney can really help you out. is here for you when you are looking to hire a Montgomery County lawyer. We offer you a service that is free to use and can quickly match you to attorneys in your area. We also offer you access to our LegalCenter where you will find articles about popular legal topics as well as helpful hints that can help you in deciding which attorney to hire.

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