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Learn More About Madison County, AL

Madison County is located on the Northern border of Alabama and was named in honor of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and the first to visit the state of Alabama. Madison was primarily an agricultural society until the 1950s when a team of German rocket scientists moved into the County and produced the Mercury-Redstone Rocket, which was the first vehicle to launch an American into space.
Madison County lawyers handle lawsuits of all varieties. These attorneys have represented their clients in legal areas including personal injury, real property, business, contracts, land-sales, criminal defense, assault, DUI, divorce, child custody, and more.
The family of a Madison County man recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the county and other defendants accusing the police officers of negligence. The lawsuit arose when police started a high speed chase of a suspected drug buyer. The chase led through multiple cities, crossing county lines several times and eventually ended when the suspect crashed into another car, killing the driver. The suspect has already pled guilty in to charges of second degree murder. The lawsuit claims that the law enforcement officers were negligent in continuing the chase, which reached speeds of 90 miles per hour, in areas of known traffic congestion, and that this created a danger higher than the drug offense that was under investigation during the pursuit.
When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Madison County, you will probably have to send a copy of your legal complaint to the Madison County Circuit Court which is a court of general jurisdiction. The local attorneys in your area, such as Huntsville lawyers, regularly practice in this court and can represent you there.
There are many ways of finding an attorney in Madison County, but perhaps the best is When you use LegalMatch, you not only get access to a free online legal matching service, but you also get secured safety in knowing that we pre-screen all of the attorneys that we work with to make sure they are in good standing with the state bar. Best of all, you can read attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to talk to any of the lawyers that respond to your case.
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