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Learn More About Tuscaloosa County, AL

Tuscaloosa County is second largest county in Alabama by area and the sixth largest by population. The county was named after the pre-Choctaw chief Tuscaloosa. Today, Tuscaloosa County is perhaps most famous for being the home of University of Alabama and its football team, and the Bear Bryant Museum.
There are many experienced Tuscaloosa County lawyers who can assist you in a wide range of legal areas such as personal injury, bankruptcy, tax, criminal defense, DUI, divorce, child custody, real estate, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, alimony, and more.
A lawyer in Tuscaloosa County recently filed a class action lawsuit against the city of Tuscaloosa claiming that the police of the city illegally arrested many underage persons for drinking without adequate proof. The lead plaintiff in the case was arrested when she was under 21 for allegedly being in possession of an alcoholic beverage, which is illegal by state law. However, the lawsuit filed by the Tuscaloosa County lawyer claims that the police officers did not take the drink the minor was holding as evidence and that the police did not gather enough evidence to make the charge stick. While awaiting class certification, the Tuscaloosa County lawyer is encouraging all those who have been arrested for underage drinking to come forward and possibly join the class action.
If your case needs to be filed in Tuscaloosa County, you will likely have to submit your legal complaint to the Circuit Court of the 6th Judicial District of Alabama. This court is within the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse and the attorneys in the area regularly practice there. It would be to your advantage to hire such an attorney. is here to help you find the best Tuscaloosa County lawyer for your case. We not only have a unique matching system that can quickly match you to attorneys who have represented clients in situations similar to yours before, but we also maintain a fully stocked LegalCenter. Best of all, you can access all of this information entirely for free.
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