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Learn More About Mobile, AL

Mobile is the third-largest city in Alabama and serves as the seat of Mobile County.  Mobile is home to about 200,000 people and is considered a part of the Mobile-Daphne-Fairhope Combined Statistical Area, which boasts a total population of over 540,000.  Mobile lies on the central Gulf Coast, at the intersection of the Mobile River and Mobile Bay, and functions as Alabama’s only seaport.  The Port of Mobile is currently the 10th-largest in the nation and has played an important role in the area’s economy.

Mobile residents enjoy easy access to a professional symphony, opera, ballet, and numerous art museums.  Furthermore, Mobile is filled with historic architecture and is home to the oldest Carnival fair in the nation.

Recently, the Mobile State Personnel Board voted to join a lawsuit brought by two state employees against National Life Insurance Co. and the Alabama State Employees Association.  The suit alleges that the union entered into a pension deal with Nationwide that detrimentally affected state employees; and in exchange, the union received annual payments from Nationwide.  Joe Espy, who is representing Union Executive Director Mac McArthur, claims the suit is unfounded and is attempting to get it dismissed.

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