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Top 10 Parole Articles

It is often said that parole is a privilege and not a right. Although there are many rules and conditions parolees must follow once they are on parole, it is a safe assumption to make that being out on parole is more desirable than being in prison. However, it is common for people on parole to end up right back in jail because they violated the terms of their parole. Thus, it is important for those out on parole to study the terms of their release and to retain a lawyer if they violate a rule.

As a resource for those who have questions about parole, what it entails, and how it works, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Parole Law.

1. What Is Parole?

Parole is an early release program where a prisoner is usually allowed to re-enter society after serving only a portion of his or her full sentence. Not every prisoner qualifies for parole and it is ultimately up to the parole board to make the final determination.

2. Parole and Probation

Despite the similar sounding names, parole and probation are two different things: one involves prison time and the other does not. Whether someone receives parole or probation depends on the sentence the judge decides upon at the person’s sentencing hearing.

3. Parole

While parole is considered an early release program, former prisoners are still supervised and subject to certain limitations once they are on parole. In order to obtain parole, a prisoner must apply for it and go through a hearing with the parole board.

4. Parole Conditions

Once out on parole, parolees must obey certain conditions. If they do not obey all the conditions of their release, they risk having their parole revoked and being sent back to prison to serve out the remainder of their sentence.

5. Parole Violation

If you violate your parole, the consequences depend on how seriously you violated the terms of your parole. These consequences can range from paying a fine to being arrested and sent back to jail.

6. Modification, Rescission, or Revocation of Parole

The terms of a parolee’s parole can be modified at any time on the parole board’s discretion. The parole board can also rescind parole if they think it has been improperly granted, and can even revoke parole if a parolee fails to follow all the terms of his or her parole.

7. Advance Parole

Advance parole actually has nothing to do with prisoners and prison terms. In fact, advance parole is when foreign nationals, those without U.S. citizenship or a valid visa, are allowed to re-enter the United States because of an emergency. Advance parole is usually only for people who are applying for citizenship within the United States, who suddenly need to leave due to an emergency and then come back into the U.S.

8. Criminal Punishments

There are a variety of punishments that can be imposed on someone who has committed a crime. Of course, the nature of the crime and its severity has a determination on which punishment a defendant receives. However, with a good defense lawyer, a person might be able to receive a lesser sentence or form of punishment.

9. VINE Prison Release Notification

The VINE, which stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday, is an online database that allows victims of a crime to monitor the custody status of criminal offenders. Victims of a crime can sign up on the system to be automatically notified when an offender goes on parole or is released.

10. Early Release Programs

Early release programs, typically called parole in most states, allow offenders to be released before they have finished serving their full sentence. These programs serve as incentive to encourage good behavior in prison and allow those that are deemed ready, to re-enter society earlier than planned.

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