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Top 10 Real Estate Articles

After the Great Depression, many Americans neglected their property rights in favor of privacy rights. Although privacy rights are important, property rights should be given more attention.

LegalMatch presents its Top Ten articles on Real Estate Law to help you preserve your homestead.

1. Real Estate Law

As the introductory article to real estate law, this first piece has a lot riding on its virtual shoulders. Fortunately, the article does an outstanding job of giving the reader a "lay of the land" on real estate law.

2. Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transactions

Real estate agents do not receive a lot of credit for their work. They attract buyers, sell the property to buyers, and negotiate with those buyers on behalf of the sellers. Despite their professionalism, the public does not seem to care too much for them. Read on to find out why real estate agents deserve a second look.

3. Mortgage Lawyers

If you have a mortgage, try not to tell your significant other that you are afraid of commitment. No really, some Americans spend more years paying off their mortgage than they do living as a married couple. We recommend reading this article in case the relationship with the bank turns as sour as the relationship with a spouse.

4. Full Disclosure Requirements for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

One of the biggest issues in real estate law is the honesty of the parties during the transaction. Is the failure to disclose a leaky sink smart business or an attempt to deceive the buyer? This article describes which way the faucet turns.

5. Forms of Real Estate Title

Ownership of real property is a complicated affair. Just look at the various types of ownership: Fee simple, joint tenancy, tenancy in common, and tenancy in the entirety. The names sound like they come from the Middle Ages and they probably do. Still, the types of ownership indicate the types of rights that a property owner has. Read this article to find out more.

6. Real Estate Contract Lawyers

Real estate contracts come in a variety of forms. Whether the contract is for lease, purchase, or construction, real estate contracts are the foundation of a solid legal position. This article explains how a party can recover for a breach of contract.

7. Foreclosure Alternatives

Foreclosure is the result of a failure to pay mortgage. Or is it? After the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, governments have instituted laws which require that banks and other creditors explore alternatives to foreclosure before actually pulling the trigger. This article describes the number of options that homeowners have.

8. Real Estate Lien Lawyers

Unfortunately for homeowners, real estate liens are not a type of meat. Rather, liens are a way for creditors to collect on debt owed to them. This article explains the various types of liens that creditors can use to prevent homeowners from selling their homes before the collection has been made.

9. Duty to Disclose Selling Stigmatized Property

After you move into your dream home, you take a walk down one of the hallways. As you turn the corner, a pair of ghostly girls in blue dresses appears. Jack Nicolson might kill the ghosts like he did in The Shining. Although Jack Nicolson shows us one way of reacting to ghosts in your house, consider making a claim against the real estate agents who sold you the haunted house in the first place. This article explains how.

10. Real Estate Contingency Lawyers

If the property belongs to the owner, he or she can sell it right? A real estate contract can make it harder by requiring the homeowner to jump thrown hoops. Instead of performing for the contract holders like a circus animal, consider reading this article instead. Become your own ring master in matters of real estate.

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