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Top 10 Employment Law Articles

A boss and his two secretaries stumbled upon a magic lamp during their lunch break. When they rubbed the lamp, a genie appeared and said that he would grant each of them one wish. The first secretary said, "I wish I were on a beach in a tropical island." The second secretary said, "I wish I were on a romantic vacation in the Italian countryside." Then, the boss said, "I want the two of them back in their offices right after lunch."

Employment laws do not protect workers from having a mean boss, but our legal system does enforce basic workplace rights. For example, there are workplace rights that protect workers from discrimination, sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and known health and safety hazards. Here are the Top 10 Employment Law articles in the LegalMatch Law Library:

1. Wrongful or Tortious Interference with Contracts

"Wrongful or tortious interference with contracts" happens when a person causes another person to commit a breach of contract, or when a person disrupts the ability of another person to perform his or her contractual obligations. This article discusses the elements and remedies of wrongful or tortious interference with contracts.

2. Wrongful Termination in Texas

It is more difficult to prove a wrongful termination claim in Texas than in most other states. However, that does not mean that it’s impossible; there are narrow circumstances when an employee can bring a wrongful termination claim in Texas.

3. Hostile Work Environment Harassment

Was it a bad move to tell your secretary a "dumb blonde" joke? The answer is that it depends on the context. A hostile work environment exists when an employee fears going to work because of offensive, intimidating, or oppressive atmosphere generated by a harasser. This article discussed when an employer is liable for a supervisor’s harassment.

4. Employment Discrimination

The federal government and most states have laws that prohibit workplace discrimination based on certain "protected" characteristics. This article defines discrimination, gives examples of discrimination in the workplace, and describes the federal and state government entities responsible for enforcing employment discrimination laws.

5. Unfair Termination: What Is Unfair?

Employers often have valid reasons for terminating their workers—such as taking a two-year "vacation," or building a fort around their desk and requiring everyone to give a "password" before they can enter. However, employers also sometimes terminate workers for unjust reasons.

6. Employment Discrimination Case

This article discusses how to prove an employment discrimination case.

7. On-Call Employment Wage Law

On-call employment is when a worker is on standby until her boss calls her into work. This article discusses when an employer is required to pay a worker for on-call time and how a court would determine on-call eligibility.

8. Wrongful Terminations

Wrongful termination laws vary from state to state. This article discusses the law that the majority of states follow.

9. How to File a Wrongful Termination Suit

This article discusses the process for filing a wrongful termination claim with the EEOC, when you can file a lawsuit, and how to prove your wrongful termination claim.

10. Rights of Those Accused of Sexual Harassment

People who are accused of sexual harassment have the right to defend themselves in a fair, impartial, and speedy court of law.

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