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Top 10 Criminal Law Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

If you are a criminal, at least take comfort in knowing that you are in good company. From famous actors, musicians, and athletes to Al Capone, Martha Stuart, and former Presidents of the United States, literally everyone has broken some law at some time. That’s why we have such a healthy criminal judicial system. Also, thank goodness, that’s why we have our thriving community of criminal law attorneys. Even the most devious criminals still maintain their rights under the Constitution.

For an introduction to a number of key criminal law topics, here are the Top 10 on Criminal Law Articles from the LegalMatch Law Library.

1. Receiving Stolen Property

It is a crime to receive stolen property even if you did not have actual knowledge that it was stolen. If you should have been aware that the property was stolen, you might be found guilty by the courts.

2. First Offender Program Lawyers

First offender programs are rehabilitation programs designed to help first time offenders avoid jail so that they can become productive members of society. If you are a first time offender who has committed an eligible type of crime, you might be able to have the judge place you in a first time offender program.

3. Restitution in Criminal Cases

If you have been the victim of a crime, you might be able to get compensation from whoever committed the crime against you. The restitution is to cover for expenses such as medical costs, lost wages, and even funeral costs.

4. Criminal Conspiracy Lawyers

If you are planning to commit a crime with a friend, you might be found guilty of criminal conspiracy. It does not require much to be found liable for conspiracy, just an agreement to commit a crime and the desire to actually do it.

5. Defenses to Incomplete Crimes

If you are interested as to what possible defenses there can be for conspiracy or attempt, this article is for you. As always, consult with a defense lawyer if you are charged with a crime.

6. Juvenile vs. Adult Criminal System

There are many advantages if you are tried as a juvenile compared to if you are tried as an adult. If you are a juvenile, you are less likely to get a harsh sentence and the court is much more focused on rehabilitation.

7. Criminal Negligence Laws

Criminal negligence is when someone dies because you didn’t lock the gun away or forgetting your kid in a car on a hot day. These are all examples of how being extremely absentminded can lead to criminal prosecution.

8. TWIC Cards and Crimes

TWIC cards are necessary in order to be employed in certain types of jobs. If you have ever been convicted for a crime, you might not be eligible for a TWIC card.

9. The Trial Phase of a Criminal Case

The reason criminal cases require so much time from when a person is charged to when a person is sentenced is because there are four phases to a criminal case and each phase can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

10. What is Accomplice Liability and Criminal Liability?

Even if you didn’t commit the crime, you can be charged with the crime if you helped the person who committed the crime in any way. This is why you have to always stay on the lookout for shady cousins; otherwise you might find the two of you sharing a prison cell.

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