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Top 10 Divorce Law Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

Imagine, during certain time periods in history, divorce was only available under very strict circumstances, if it was an option at all. Nowadays, divorce is not only readily available, it’s basically the norm. The average life of a marriage is 11 years in the United States. If you make it to year 12, you’re possibly taking things a bit too seriously. You’re pretty much some kind of radical.

However, despite the fact that divorce is common in today’s society, it still remains a serious, stressful, life-altering experience with many emotional and legal consequences. As a starting point for people contemplating divorce, the LegalMatch Law Library has compiled a list of the Top 10 Articles on Divorce Law.

1. Divorce FAQ

If you are thinking about divorce, you might be confused by all the different legal terms associated with divorce and how divorce actually works. This article provides an excellent explanation for some very common legal terms associated with divorce, such as "grounds for divorce," marital property, and alimony.

2. Marital Separation Laws

Most couples when thinking about divorce go through a trial separation before finally making the divorce final. Depending on the state you live in, separation can have important legal effects on the divorce should you decide to divorce after separating. This article provides a general overview of separation and some information on possible legal consequences.

3. Divorce Timeframe and Residency Requirements

Sometimes when a couple decides to divorce they usually separate first and during this separation it is common for the former partners to end up in different states. As divorce is governed by state law, the state you live determines everything from whether you can file for divorce in that state to how long it takes for the divorce to go through.

4. Filing for Divorce in Different States

Since every state has different divorce laws, filing for divorce across state lines can prove to be troublesome. There are certain advantages and disadvantages when filing for divorce in a certain state as compared to filing in another state.

5. How to Stop Divorce Proceedings

Situations change all the time and it is not surprising that some couples might decide to get back together once divorce proceedings have started. If you and your partner have decided to reconcile, this article provides some information on how a divorce proceeding can be stopped.

6. Tax Implications of Divorce

One of the most over-looked factors of divorce is the tax implications. If you are unaware of the full tax implications of your divorce you might end up losing a large amount of money. This article provides an excellent overview of the tax issues you should look out for when you are considering divorce.

7. Divorce and Immigration Lawyer

It is not uncommon for some people to become US citizens through marriage, however if the relationship fails it can have far reaching complications. Divorce can affect the immigration status of a non-citizen spouse. It is important to take citizenship into account if you are thinking about divorce. This article provides an overview of how US citizenship can be obtained through marriage and it also provides an overview of how divorce can affect an immigrant’s citizenship status.

8. Divorce Chronology in California

In California there are two types of divorce proceedings you can begin: summary dissolution and regular dissolution. Summary dissolution is much quicker than a regular dissolution. If you are in California and interested in obtaining a quicker divorce summary dissolution might be right for you.

9. Common Law Marriage and Divorce

Nowadays common law marriages are quite common and a good number of states recognize them. This article provides information on the 15 states that recognize common law marriages, how common law marriages are formed, and how to start divorce proceedings if you would like to end a common law marriage.

10. Modifying Divorce Decrees

While a divorce is final, oftentimes a change of circumstances requires certain things to change as well. Some items usually included in a divorce decree include child support and alimony. If you need your child support payments increased or if you need a decrease in alimony payments, what you need is a modified divorce decree.

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