Tax Implications of Divorce

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Why are the Tax Implications of Divorce So Important?

Although the IRS does not generally consider the transfer of assets between divorcing spouses a taxable event, those who are not aware of what the tax implications of their divorce are may later stand to lose a great deal of money (and assets) if they are not aware of what those implications are.

What are some Commonly Taxed Items and Events that I Should Look Out For?

There are quite a few big ticket items that one must be aware of when considering the tax implications of divorce. Failure to consider the tax implications of an item in advance may end up causing the spouse that retains that asset to have to sell it in order to pay the taxes: 

Should I Contact a Lawyer Regarding the Tax Implications of My Divorce?

Divorce has far-reaching tax implications. If you want to maximize your assets and be able to retain them after divorce, it is a good idea to contact an experienced tax and/or divorce attorney to help you structure your divorce.

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