Wrongful Termination in California

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Am I Protected in "at Will" Employment?

In California, employment is "at will." This means that an employee can be fired for any reason or for no reason. Still, there are protections against wrongful termination, even though the general rule is that the employer/employee relationship is based on voluntary consent.

California Public Policy Protections: What Triggers Wrongful Termination?

In California, you cannot be fired for reasons that violate public policy. Wrongful termination in violation of public policy is originated as non-statutory, common law tort type of claim that limits California "at will" employment presumption. There are four main reasons for termination that constitute violations of public policy:

Reporting a violation of a law: if you think that your employer has violated a law, you can report the employer without fear of reprisal. This includes health and safety regulations. For these purposes, all that matters is that your report was made in good faith. It does not matter if your report later turns out to be inaccurate.

Should I Seek an Attorney's Advice?

Issues regarding wrongful termination are often highly complex and many specific facts may come into play. If you believe you may have been wrongfully terminated from you employment, your best interests will be served by presenting your case to a qualified California lawyer.


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