What are Employment Rights?

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What are Employment Rights?

Employment rights are a set of rights that are granted to every worker under state and federal laws.  These may cover rights with regards to various aspects of employment, including:  wages and hours; hiring/interviewing stages; medical and maternity leave; benefits and retirement; and various other aspects. 

State and federal laws cover basic rights including wages and hours, as well as anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws.  In addition, every employee may be granted different individual rights depending on the terms in an employment contract between them and their employer. 

What are the Legal Claims Involving Employment Rights?

Violations of legal rights can lead to various legal claims and lawsuits.  Some examples of legal claims that involve employment rights are:

Employment rights can often affect entire groups of persons, not just one employee.  This can happen for instance if the company has a defect in their policy that causes a widespread violation.  In such cases, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate.

What if I Need to File a Legal Claim Over Employment Rights?

Filing a claim over a violation of employment rights usually requires much forethought and careful planning.  You’ll want to consider carefully the different facts and events that led up to and contributed to the violation.  Also, you should understand that many employment right claims need to be filed with a government employment agency (such as an Equal Opportunity agency) before a private lawsuit can be filed.  This is usually the case for cases involving violations of anti-discrimination laws.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Employment Rights?

Employment rights are a broad area of employment laws, and can cover many different types of violations.  You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need assistance with filing a legal claim.  Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and representation when it comes to employment rights.  Your lawyer can be on hand to provide you with the right guidance to help you succeed on your claim.  

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