Welding Rod Injury Class Actions

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How Do Welding Rods Injure People?

When welders burn metal, toxic chemicals from the welding rod are released, which may harm the welder or individuals in the immediate vicinity. The fumes from welding rods have been known to cause lung cancer, kidney disease, and acute metal poisoning. The fumes may also trigger Parkinson's disease, cause tremors, and impair motor skills. Welders may also be injured from burning other metals, especially if the metals are covered with paint or other toxic substances.

What Types of Claims May Be Brought for Welding Rod Injuries?

Several class action lawsuits have been brought for welding rod injuries, relying on the following legal theories: 

What Kind of Damages May Be Recovered for Welding Rod Injuries?

While each injury is different and state laws vary, the most common claims that have been brought for welding rod injuries include: 

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Filing a lawsuit for welding rod injuries can be difficult. An experienced products liability attorney can help you determine what is your best legal solution. If necessary, a lawyer can also help you join a class action lawsuit.

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