There is no strict guideline on estimating damages for toxic exposure to hazardous chemicals and products.  The judge and jury can vary awards often based on several factors: 

  • Severity of injury – minor breathing problems or severe trauma
  • Hospital bills – medical monitoring, therapy
  • Knowledge of offending party of the presence of toxic materials

Examples of Past Toxic Exposure Awards

While the awards listed below might not have any bearing on your actual case, they are examples of what has been awarded.  Your case might differ in severity of injury, intention of the parties, and toxic material causing a disparity from those cases listed below: 

  • An asbestos case where the employer developed mesothelioma over 35 years of exposure and was expected to die within a month of his verdict was awarded $271,000
  • Asbestos case where an oil worker was awarded 1.6 million under the legal theory of negligence and defective products
  • In a case where the employer had knowledge of the dangers of asbestos and failed to warn its employees, a worker was awarded 34 million
  • A ground water contamination from an oil refinery awarded 7 million to the injured in Texas
  • A gas company buried 260,000 tons of cyanide laced debris at a landfill and the injured party was awarded 104 million for various related injuries
  • A spilled drain cleaner that caused severe burns on the legs and abdomen of a small child resulted in a $750,000 judgment for the injured

Seeking Legal Help

If you have been injured from toxic exposure, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for assistance. After identifying any possible defendants, your lawyer will help you achieve the greatest damages award for your case.