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What is Chlordane?

Chlordane and its chemically related counterpart heptachlor are insecticides.  Both are organochlorine cyclodiene insecticides and have been heavily used because of their effectiveness against termites.  The EPA has heavily restricted its use to underground termites only. 

Adverse Effects of Chlordane

Chlordane and heptachlor have been linked to liver, kidney, respiratory, renal and central nervous system failures.  Most cases involving Chlordane involve prolonged exposure.  For instance, if your property was improperly treated with Chlordane for termites and you have a vegetable garden that you use frequently, the chances of being effected by chlordane are higher.  Below are a few of the symptoms linked to chlordane exposure: 

Current Status of Chlordane

Manufacturing of Chlordane has stopped since the late 1980's, but there are still large stocks of the chemical and it is still the subject of toxic tort lawsuits

If you think you have been injured by Chlordane, consult your physician.  You also may wish to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help preserve your legal rights and improve your ability to recover for your injuries. 

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