In general, assault is intentionally placing someone in a reasonable apprehension of harm. It’s not necessary to strike an individual to be found guilty of assault. Merely threatening someone with serious injury is enough to be charged with assault.

Can I Be Charged with Assault for Threatening Someone?

Yes. The state defines assault as a threat to cause physical injury to a person. The threat must be accompanied by force or violence.

What Does It Mean When I’m Accused of “Deliberately Trying to Cause Harm to Someone”?

An individual can be charged with assault if there’s a deliberate attempt to cause someone physical harm. The deliberate attempt must be done with unlawful force or violence.

What Does “Causing a Large Risk of Physical Injury” Mean?

A person can be charged with assault if physical injury was caused to another individual. It can also be done by causing a large risk of physical injury to someone. This means because of force of violence an individual could be physically harmed.

What is the Penalty for Assault in Utah?

Assault in Utah is a class B misdemeanor. The misdemeanor carries a six-month jail sentence and fine. The state will upgrade the charge to a Class A misdemeanor depending on certain factors. For example, a defendant may receive a harsher sentence if the person knowingly and deliberately assaulted a pregnant woman. A defendant can face more time if there was substantial physical injury caused to the victim.

What’s the Penalty for a Class A Misdemeanor in Utah?

A class A misdemeanor carries a one-year prison sentence and fines.

Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer for Help with My Case?

It’s in your best interest to consult a criminal defense lawyer in the state about your assault charge. The lawyer will explain your rights and possible defenses.