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What is Violent Crime?

Violent crime is a category of crime that involves physical harm caused by one person to another. Violent crimes are also referred to as “offenses against another person” since the crimes are usually physical offenses or harm to another person. These actions can lead to severe legal penalties. Examples of violent crimes include:

What are the Penalties for Violent Crime?

Penalties for violent crimes may depend on the seriousness of the crime, as well as the way that it is classified. Some crimes such as battery are considered to be misdemeanor offenses, resulting in a small criminal fine and jail time of less than one year.

Other crimes, such as murder or armed robbery, can result in felony charges which usually involve large fines and time in prison for more than one year.

Are There any Legal Defenses for Violent Crime?

There are several defenses for a violent crime charge:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help Defending Against Violent Crime Charges?

Violent crime charges can sometimes lead to very serious legal penalties. When faced with criminal charges, your best interests will be served by hiring a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney can help determine whether you have any defenses and represent you during the court proceedings.

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