A Class A Misdemeanor is the most serious classification of misdemeanor charge in most states. States typically divide misdemeanors into a “Class” or “Level” such as Class A, B, C, D (or some numerical equivalent), with A being the most serious and C or D being the least serious.

A misdemeanor is an offense that is punishable by a jail term of one year maximum. Offenses that require more than a year of incarceration are usually classified as felonies. Felony charges can result in a sentence in a federal prison, whereas misdemeanors usually result in sentencing to a local or county jail. However, Class A misdemeanors carry sentences that are very similar to some lesser felonies.

What Are Some Common Examples of Class A Misdemeanors?

Every state classifies misdemeanors differently. For example, one state may place DUI offenses under Class A, while another state may list DUI’s under a different Class or Level.  Some common examples of class A list of misdemeanor crimes include:

What Are the Penalties for Class A Misdemeanors?

Class A misdemeanors are the most serious type of misdemeanor offense and often involve the maximum amount of penalties that can be prescribed for a misdemeanor. The penalties for a Class A misdemeanor can range from:

  • Fines ranging anywhere from $500 to $5,000
  • Up to one (1) year imprisonment
  • Community Service
  • Rehabilitation Program

How Long Does a Class A Misdemeanors Stay On Your Criminal Record?

A Class A misdemeanor will stay on your record forever, unless the record is sealed or through an expungement. Depending on the seriousness of the crime and whether you successfully did or did not complete probation, not all Class A misdemeanors can be expunged.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Class A Misdemeanors Charge?

Class A misdemeanors are considered one of the most serious levels of misdemeanors and having an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • Help reduce or dismiss the charge
  • Appear on your behalf in court
  • Help you avoid a jail sentence
  • Help you avoid excessive fines or reduce your fines
  • Help you be treated in a fair and appropriate manner

Do I Need a Lawyer for Class A Misdemeanor Charges?

Class A misdemeanors are very serious very serious charges. If you are facing a Class A misdemeanor, you should speak with an experienced criminal lawyer immediately. Your attorney will be able to represent you in a court of law and can advise you on whether any defenses may be available to you, and may also be able to contend for a reduction in charges or sentencing.