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What Is Tort Law?

Tort laws govern wrongful acts that cause harm, injury, or loss to another. Some common types of lawsuits that are covered by tort law include: personal injury suits, property damage and cases involving privacy rights. Tort laws vary from state to state, providing for different jury guidelines, court procedures, legal claims, defenses, and damage awards. 

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Is California Tort Law Unique in Any Way?

California tort law has several aspects that differ from federal laws and the laws of other states. Some elements of California tort law that may be unique include:


Do I need a California Lawyer for My Tort Law Claim?

California’s tort laws are constantly being revised due tort reform policies. If you have questions regarding a tort law, you may wish to consult with an experienced California personal injury lawyer for clarification. An experienced California attorney will be able to assist you with your tort claim and provide you with much-needed advice.

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