The recent Gulf oil spill crisis is one of the worst in decades. To prepare, you should proceed much as you would in the event of a hurricane warning- more preparation is always better than less. Your preparation should not only cover physical measures to secure your property, but should also include steps to ensure that you record and save any information that might be useful for a claim. Here are some tips:
  • Keep records of any losses, such damage to your property, as well as lost wages or profits. These may be in the form of pay stubs, account sheets, etc. Make copies and secure them in a safe place.
  • Take pictures of your property both before and after any damage is incurred. These will be helpful for any insurance claims and/or future lawsuits. Video recordings are helpful.
  • Make detailed reports of any incidents that you feel might present a dispute or conflict. Include important information such as names of the parties involved, dates, addresses, as well as contact information of any witnesses to the incident. 
  • Secure a competent contact person if you will be traveling or leaving the premises of your condo. Keep their contact information handy while you are absent and update with them as to the status of your property. 

What Laws or Agencies are involved in the Regulation of Miami Beaches?

Miami beaches are heavily regulated by both federal and Florida state laws. Florida has implemented several programs aimed at protecting the coastline, such as the Florida Coastal Management Program. Numerous agencies like the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems may be able to assist you in your response to the oil spill. 

Make sure that any measures that you do take are not in violation of state or federal laws. It is better to contact authorities for advice rather than engage in self-help, as any uninformed action could lead to a violation on your part.      

Who Should I Contact for Advice or More Information?

It may be desirable to enlist the services of experts in environmental and coastal matters. They will be able to provide accurate assessments of damage to your beachfront property as well as suggest future precautions. Also, you may wish to contact an real estate attorney in the event that it is necessary to file a claim. The law regarding beaches and coastal property is very complex, and there are several lawyers in the Miami area who specialize in such matters. As with any professional services, be sure to double check and verify the credentials of any persons whom you will be relying upon for advice or representation.