Ft. Lauderdale Condos and the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

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The recent oil spill crisis in the Gulf area is one of the worst spills in U.S. history. Experts are anticipating that the incident will result in a wide array of insurance and legal claims. In the event that you sustain any damage to your property, it is best to be prepared beforehand, and there is no such thing as being too prepared.   

What Laws or Agencies Regulate Ft. Lauderdale Beaches?

Both federal and Florida state laws are involved when it comes to Ft. Lauderdale beach regulations. Also, Florida maintains several programs which are intended to protect coastline areas. An example of such a program is the Florida Coastal Management Program. Agencies such as the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems can provide you with valuable information and resources as you respond to the oil spill crisis. 
Be sure to contact authorities for advice and approval before you proceed with any measures, as any uninformed actions could potentially constitute a violation. Double-check that your response to the oil spill is not in violation of federal or state law. 

What Steps can I Take to Prepare for Damage or Injury from the Oil Spill?

You should proceed with preparation much as you would if you are accustomed to hurricane warnings- more preparation is always better than less. Preparation plans should not only cover measures to physically secure your property, but should also ensure that you preserve any information that might be used in a future claim. Some steps for preparing include: 

I Feel that I Need Some Specialized Advice for my Situation. Is there Anyone I can Contact?  

In emergencies such as the Gulf oil spill, it is often desirable and even recommended that you work with professionals who are experts in environmental and coastal issues. They can help you by making accurate reports of any damage to your beachfront property, and they can also guide you in taking future precautions. As with any professional service, make sure you verify the history and credentials of any professionals you hire. 
You may also wish to enlist the services of a lawyer in the event that you need to file a legal claim. The laws and legal procedures surrounding beach and coastal property can get quite involved, but fortunately there are many lawyers in the Ft. Lauderdale area who are specialists in these matters. It is advantageous to contact one early so that you can be well-prepared.      

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