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Mexico Timeshare Lawyers

When buying a timeshare in Mexico, you need to be wary of fraud. It will help to understand the protections you can get from both the United States and Mexican legal systems. Since Mexico is not within United State’s jurisdiction, it may be hard to enforce your legal rights if you are the victim of timeshare scam.

Mexican Laws Involving Timeshares

Mexican law only allows foreigners to own timeshare within 50 kilometers of the coast or 100 kilometers of an international border. Timeshares in Mexico are also restricted in that you are only given the right to use (in contrast to the United States’ interest or deed in a timeshare). The right to use allows you to use the timeshare for a certain amount of time per year for a certain number of years.

Right to Cancel a Purchase

Even if you are a United States Citizen, the United States law does not govern the right to cancel a timeshare purchase. However, under Mexican law, you have a right to cancel the purchase within 5 business days. This right to cancel cannot be waived.

You may cancel the purchase by either cancelling the contract or by asking for a refund. To cancel a contract, you simply follow the timeshare company’s rules. Alternatively, the developer of the timeshare may give you a refund. If the developer refuses, then you may file a claim with Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer).


If you are delinquent on your payments, you will not face foreclosure because Mexico is only granting you a right to use. However, the timeshare resort can report your delinquencies to credit agencies and turn your case to a collections agency.

Consulting an Attorney

If you think you are facing a timeshare scam or defaulted on your payments, you may need to contact a timeshare lawyer. Your lawyer can help you address your problems to avoid any negative impacts on credit scores and to obtain what is rightfully yours.

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