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Texas Personal Injury

In Texas, any physical or emotional harm resulting from an accident is considered to be personal injury. The sources that cause personal injuries often include car accidents, exposure to toxic material such as asbestos, and medical malpractice. Other injuries may come from defective merchandise, medicines or drugs, or the wrongful death of family. The injured party may recover lost income or associated costs from a personal injury.

How to Recover for Your Injuries

In order to recover from a personal injury, the person who caused the injury must be legally liable or "at-fault." A person is usually at-fault when he shows a lack of care or negligence. In other words, a person who should have been reasonably careful and failed to do so is negligent and at-fault. Any witnesses to the accident, photos, police reports, and items of that nature are all evidence to prove fault. Evidence is also required to prove lost income or costs due to an injury. They generally come in the form of hospital bills, pay stubs, and receipts.

Statute of Limitations

The law gives you only a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit to recover damages from your injury. This is known as the statute of limitations. If you miss the deadline to file, then you are out of luck and cannot recover.

In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years. In other words, you must file suit at court within two years of the accident. Personal injury claims that are older than two years cannot be heard in a Texas court.

Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney in Texas

If you were injured due to the actions of another, you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. He can help you determine which legal theory to sue upon, represent you in court, and help you gather evidence to recover the maximum amount of monetary damages possible.

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