Stolen car laws generally cover violations involving auto theft and other types of serious auto crimes. In most cases, the term “stolen car” refers to instances where a person leaves their parked car and returns to find that it’s stolen and gone. This is generally different from other types of crime such as car jacking, which may involve the use/threat of violence to remove the driver and passengers from a car.

Car theft is a serious crime and can lead to various penalties and legal consequences. Most stolen car charges result in serious misdemeanor or felony charges; these can involve criminal fines and incarceration sentences. They can also result in a civil liability for the losses caused to the owner of the car.

What if I Wish to Report a Stolen Car?

Stolen car laws allow citizens to make reports if they believe that their car has been stolen. Filing a stolen car report usually initiates a police search for the stolen car. The police may then begin an active search, or may begin keeping a lookout for cars of the same make, model, and description. Thus, it’s important that the owner of the car provide the necessary information to help authorities to locate their stolen car. 

Also, if the car owner has any leads on a possible suspect, this can also help authorities in locating their vehicle. On the other hand, remember that filing a false police report is a crime in itself and can lead to serious trouble with the law. 

What Other Legal Issues are Involved With Stolen Cars?

One legal issue involved in stolen car violations is that many times, stolen cars used in order to perpetrate another car. For instance, stolen cars are often used as the “getaway” car to assist in a robbery. They are also commonly used for transporting drugs, or other illegal contraband (usually with a fake or switched license plate). 

Amber alert technologies use electronic billboards to post information about kidnappings occurring in the area. Drivers are alerted to the type of car that might have been used in the kidnapping, which is often a stolen car. They can then assist the police in spotting possible stolen cars on the freeway on side streets. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Issues With Stolen Car Violations?

Stolen car laws can often result in very strict legal consequences. If you need assistance with any auto theft laws, you may wish to contact a criminal lawyer for assistance. An experienced lawyer can assist you with the various laws and statutes involved in a criminal trial.  Also, if you need help with criminal defense for your case, your attorney can provide you with expert legal representation.