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Identity fraud, commonly called identity theft, is considered a white collar crime because use of force was not used in the crime. Although no physical violence was used during the criminal act, victims often feel violated after having their identities stolen.

How Does Identity Fraud Happen?

Identity fraud occurs when someone takes someone’s information and uses it for personal gain. The information is taken without the individual’s consent or knowledge. Information commonly stolen includes the person’s:

How Does This Type of Fraud Happen?

Identities are stolen in a variety of different ways such as looking over someone’s shoulder as she makes a transaction or dumpster diving. Dumpster diving refers to looking in a person’s trash. Identity fraud can also occur during another criminal act like:

Can I Commit of Identity Fraud If I Did Not Use the Information for Personal Gain?

Yes. An individual can commit without having personally benefited from taking someone’s identity. Identity fraud happens whenever a person obtains, possesses, or actually uses another’s personal information with the intent to use and benefit from it, even if that benefit never materializes.

What Are the Penalties I Face If I Am Convicted of Identity Fraud?

The specific criminal sentence for identity fraud varies from state to state. Also, there are federal identity fraud laws, which have separate penalties. A conviction of an identity fraud can result in:

Depending on the circumstances, the defendant may have their initial sentence increased through certain identity theft penalty enhancements.

Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer about Identity Fraud?

Identity fraud is an extremely serious white collar crime that can result in significant punishment if you are convicted of it. If you are accused of identity fraud, contact a criminal lawyer to determine the best defense to use.

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