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What Is International Tax?

International tax law governs how much taxes must be paid by:

How Is My Foreign Income Taxed If I Am a U.S. Citizen?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you are taxed on any income that you earn whether it is earned in the United States or abroad. Generally, the rules for income, estate, gift and estimated tax are the same whether you are living in the U.S. or abroad.

You also must file additional documents with the IRS if any of the follow is true:

How Is My U.S. Income Taxed if I am a Foreign National?

Your taxes depend on what kind of foreign national you are: resident alien or non-resident alien. A foreign national is a resident alien if he or she:

If a foreign national does not meet one of the above three criteria, then he or she is a non-resident alien:

Foreign Corporations

Foreign corporations also must pay taxes on any income generated in the United States, including business income and other sources of income (i.e. investment returns).

Do I Need an International Tax Attorney?

Tax law by itself is very complex and frustrating. International tax laws can be even more confusing. An attorney can help you understand how international tax law affects you or your business. If you ever face an audit because of international taxes, a lawyer can help you get through the process.

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