Sinkholes occur when a part of the ground collapses, creating a hole that often takes property with it as the ground collapses. These often occur after rains and other water-related conditions. The dimensions of a sink hole can vary in terms of depth of the hole and circumference. Some sinkholes might be smaller, but some can affect entire roadways and cause various issues and risks to people.

Some common sinkhole accidents include:

  • Persons falling into a sinkhole
  • Cars and other vehicles driving into a sinkhole
  • Property being dragged into the hole as it collapses
  • Various other similar incidents

As mentioned, sinkholes are often the result of natural conditions such as rains or storms. However, they can also be attributed to the negligence of others, such as when a person’s water run-off negligently causes a sinkhole on a neighbor’s property.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Sinkhole Accident?

Depending on the situation, various parties can be held liable for a sinkhole accident. For instance, a property owner can be held liable for injuries to others if they have a sinkhole on their property and fail to make the proper repairs or fail to properly warn a visitor of the dangerous area.

In other cases, a local municipality might be held liable for sinkholes on public roads or in public areas. An example of this is where they fail to repair the sinkhole in a timely manner, resulting in vehicle accidents or other such incidents. They might also be held liable for failing to place barriers or warning signs around sinkholes that have not yet been repaired yet or are in the process of being repaired.

What are the Remedies for a Sinkhole Accident?

Sinkhole accidents can lead to serious injury and major property damage. In many instances, a sinkhole accident can result in a lawsuit to resolve any outstanding legal issues. In such lawsuits, the remedy will usually involve some form of monetary damages award to compensate the non-liable party for injuries or property damage. The damages award may cover costs such as hospital bills, medical costs, lost work wages, property repairs, and other expenses.

In cases where a failure to repair the sinkhole condition is a factor, the court may also order the responsible party to make the necessary repairs.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Sinkhole Accident Lawsuit?

Sinkhole accidents can be complex and may require the assistance of lawyer. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need representation or guidance for a claim. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and research to help you during the process.