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Do I Owe Any Duty to People On My Property?

If you own property, your legal title is “landowner.” If you rent the land, you are an “occupier” or “possessor.” Landowners and possessors of land have limited duties to protect from harm other people who walk onto their land.

What Duties Do I Owe?

Traditionally, the law put other people on your land into one of three categories: trespasser, licensee, and invitee.

A minority of states, including California, have abolished these traditional categories, and hold landowners to the same duty of care for all individuals on the land. 

Do I Need An Attorney for My Premises Liability Issue?

If you are a landowner being sued by someone who was injured on your property, or if you were injured on another’s property, a personal injury attorney can help you evaluate whether your case is strong.

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