When to Sue a Retail Store

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When to Sue a Retail Store

To determine when to sue a retail store depends on facts of a situation. One common fact scenario that would lead to a person suing a retail store is if they purchased a defective product from the store. Defective products are products that cause harm to a consumer through the use of the product as a result of a defect being present in the design or the manufacturing of the product. A retail store can be sued for simply selling the product to the consumer, even though it did not manufacture or design the product.

Can I Sue a Retail Store for Injuries I Suffered While at the Store?

Yes, a retail store can be sued for injuries sustained at the store, such as injuries sustained as a result of a slip and fall accident that occurred inside the store. The store has a duty to keep the premises safe. An individual who was injured on the store's premises can file a personal injury claim based on negligence.

To be successful, the plaintiff must prove:

You may also be able to sue a retail store if you were injured or otherwise harmed by their store security.

Can I Sue a Retail Store for Job Discrimination?

Retail stores are prohibited from discriminating against its employees based on race, gender, religious affiliation and disability. Some examples of workplace discrimination include:

An individual can sue an employment lawsuit or a claim with the EEOC. To prove employment discrimination, an employee must show the employer intended to treat him differently because of his race, gender, or disability.

Should I Contact an Attorney about When to Sue a Retail Store?

Whether you should or should not sue a retail store depends on the facts involved in your situation. To understand more about your rights and how to protect them, contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney will assess your situation and determine the best legal action to take.

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