Separation Agreement with Children

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What Is a Separation Agreement?

After a legal separation, a husband and wife may enter into a legal contract called a separation agreement. A separation agreement deals with the division of assets and liabilities. Commonly, these agreements settle issues involving:

If I Have Children, Should They Be Included in the Separation Agreement?

Matters involving children can be included in the separation agreement. It may actually be in the best interest to include a section regarding children because it can reduce confusion or arguments between the parents.

What Should Be Included in the Children Section of the Agreement?

Each separation agreement is specific and unique for every family, but typically, this section includes the following:

Basic information about the child:

Child Support:

Child Custody and Visitation:

Should I Get an Attorney to Help Me Draft the Separation Agreement?

Yes, a separation agreement is critical to protecting your rights and a poorly drafted agreement could result in lost custody or seeing your children less than you would like. An experienced family law attorney can special tailor an agreement for all your needs and help you draft a separation agreement that is right for you.

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