Separation: Pros and Cons

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What Is Separation?

Separation, or Legal Separation, is when a married couple makes an agreement about how to manage their affairs and assets while living apart, but they do not get a formal divorce. Legal Separation, like divorce, must be granted by a court order before it can be officially recognized by the state. Although couples may form a contract for separation outside of a court, separation will not be an official status until a judge agrees to recognize the agreement.

What Are the Benefits of Separation?

Separation appeals to certain married couples for a number of reasons: 

What Are the Negative Aspects of Separation?

There are some aspects of separation that can make the divorce or annulment option more appropriate: 

Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Depending on your financial situation and home situation (for example, if children are involved), separation can be a complicated process. To protect your assets and rights and ensure you are receiving your fair share when separating from your spouse, it is advisable to consult a family law attorney.

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