Pregnancy is no longer considered a pre-existing condition because of the Affordable Care Act. Previously, health insurance companies could, at their discretion, consider pregnancy to be a pre-existing condition and deny health care to a woman who was pregnant. They could also charge higher rates to a woman who was pregnant. Now, this is not the case. Health care companies under the Affordable Care Act cannot deny a woman coverage because she is pregnant and cannot charge more for health insurance because of pregnancy.

What Can a Woman Do if She is Denied Coverage Because She is Pregnant?

There are many ways to appeal illegal insurance decisions. Appealing first with the insurance company itself can work. It is possible there was an administrative error that led to the denial. Each insurance company will have its own procedure for appeals.

If the insurance company continues to deny coverage, it is possible to appeal through the marketplace. This is getting the government agency involved in reviewing how decisions to provide care were made and how rates were set. There are also several levels of administrative appeal within the marketplace. It is important to exhaust all of them in order to be sure the insurance company is following the law.

Should I Speak With an Attorney?

If you think you have been denied health care coverage because of pregnancy, or you know someone who has been denied health care coverage because of pregnancy, a pregnancy discrimination lawyer can advise you of your best options and help you make your best case to be sure your rights to health care are protected.