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What Are Health Care Plans?

Health care plans exist to provide consumers with medical care packages and insurance plans. There are many different types of health care plans (also called health insurance or simply, health care). For example, they can be obtained through private health plan companies, through coverage provided by an employer, or through government assistance programs.

While health care plans can be very helpful, they are often a common source of disputes, and result in a considerable amount of lawsuits every year. 

What Are Some Common Health Care Plan Disputes?

Health care plan disputes may involve a number of different factors. Some common health care plan disputes include:

Disputes over health care coverage or polices can therefore involve many different parties: the insured, the policy providers, employers, medical companies, etc. However, most health care plan disputes involve direct claims between the insured and the policy provider.

How Does Obamacare Factor Into This?

In 2010, the federal government passed the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Obamacare is a massive healthcare insurance reform bill, adding several layers of new rules to already complex insurance law. Obamacare’s major changes to health care plan law are:

What Steps Can I Take If I Have a Health Care Plan Dispute?

If you are involved in a dispute over your health care plan, there are certain steps that you can take in order to obtain a remedy for your situation.

Filing a claim for a health care plan dispute can be done in these basic ways:

Whether you plan to resolve the dispute through review, arbitration, meditation, or a lawsuit, you’ll need to make sure you are thoroughly prepared to argue your claim. You will want to compile all the documents and information related to your claim. Most of all, be sure you understand your health care policy before you try to file a claim. You may wish to highlight or underline the important terms that you feel have been violated.

What If My Plan Was Cancelled Because of Obamacare?

Thousands of Americans have received notice, or will receive a notice, that their healthcare plan is being cancelled either because it fails to comply with the essential benefits provision or because it doesn’t comply with the minimum out-of-pocket expense provision. In either case, President Obama has signed an executive order extending the deadline for insurance companies to comply with those provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Health Care Plan Dispute?

When filing a health care plan claim, it’s to your advantage to hire a lawyer for assistance. Your lawyer can review your policy and provide you with valuable advice according to the laws in your area. Experienced attorneys understand the various factors involved in health care plans, and can help you obtain legal relief for any losses you have suffered. 

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