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Pregnancy and Health Insurance

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Pregnancy and Health Insurance

Prenatal care and newborn care are vital to being healthy mothers and babies. Though pregnancy care sounds like it is an aspect to a woman’s health insurance, unfortunately, it is not. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy costs, while some do not. Moreover, when a pregnant woman loses her job, she will consequently lose her health care coverage.

What Does My Health Insurance Cover?

Everyone’s health insurance coverage is different. You would need to read your policy to figure out the details.

What Happens If I Lose or Quit My Job?

When you lose or quit your job, your health insurance provided by your employer will stop. Afterwards, you will need to find an alternative source for health insurance.

What If My Employer Changes My Insurance Plan?

Depending on where you live, employers may be required to purchase health insurance for you. But this does not mean they have to cover prenatal care. And sometimes, employers (or even the health insurance company) may change or cancel your health insurance coverage without notifying you. This becomes a problem when you see a doctor and receive a bill. In those cases, even though you are liable to pay the bill, you may ask your employer or labor union to reimburse you for the cost. 

When My Baby is Born, Will My Baby Get Health Insurance?

This depends on your health plan, and this is an important aspect to take care of before your baby is born. Although we all hope are babies are born without issue, there are cases of complications. With any hospital visits, curing complications are very expensive.

Moreover, some prenatal health insurances cover complications at birth. If the insurance company changes your policy coverage after the fact, an attorney may help you erase the amount you are liable for by suing the insurance company.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get the necessary health insurance coverage and help you seek reimbursement for your costs.

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