Employers have responsibilities towards their employees, including paying them in accordance with Oklahoma’s paycheck laws. The state of Oklahoma has laws in place to protect your rights as an employee in terms of getting your paycheck. If your employer is not treating you fairly in terms of your wages, you should look at the laws carefully to see what you are owed.

When Must Paychecks Be Sent Out?

In Oklahoma, the state law requires that non-managerial employees are paid at least semimonthly. Managerial employees, on the other hand, may be paid once per month instead of twice per month. Your employer might pay you more often than that, but it depends on the company policy and employment contract. This law applies to you regardless if you are paid by the hour or if you are on a salary.

What Happens If I Am Fired?

When your employment is terminated, your employer has to give any owed wages to you by the next payday. It does not matter if you leave your employer because you were fired or you quit. Oklahoma does not require employers to include unused paid time off in an employee’s final paycheck. However, if your employer already provides you with paid vacation or sick time, then they have to follow through with their policy or your contract in regards to whether they will compensate you for accrued paid time off.

Can My Paycheck Be Garnished?

In Oklahoma, your wages can only be garnished without a court order specifying garnishment if the money is being collected for unpaid taxes, child support, or defaulted student loans. Other personal debts need to be taken to court first before they can be take directly from your wages without your permission. If you lose in court and the other side gets a court order to garnish your wages, then that debt can be garnished from your pay.

Under Oklahoma law, your employer is prohibited from deducting money from your paycheck, unless they are legally obligated to make the deduction or you provide them permission in writing to deduct the money. However, there are very few instances in which you can provide your employer with permission to garnish your wages. These instances include repaying a loan that your employer gave to you, if you were overpaid on accident, and to make payments towards insurance.

Can I Recover a Withheld Paycheck?

There is no legal reason why your employer should refuse to give your paycheck to you. In situations where there are problems getting your paycheck, you can request the Wage and Hour Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Labor to look into the matter. Alternatively, you can bring a lawsuit against your employer.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

According to Oklahoma law, your employer can require you to pay for the uniform that they furnish to you. To ensure that you do pay for the cost of the uniform, your employer can take out a credit or lien against your paycheck.

Where Can I Find the Right Lawyer?

If you are having problems with your employer and getting paid, it may help to speak with an Oklahoma employment lawyer.  They can assist you in enforcing your rights for your wages.