Portable generators are devices that are used for providing electrical power in situations where there is no access to an electrical outlet. They are often powered by gas, and can sometimes involve high amounts of power and electricity. Portable generators have been associated with various accidents and injury risks, including:

In many cases, dangerous portable generators may be subject to a recall if the model poses a threat to consumers.

Who can be Held Liable for Injuries Caused by Portable Generators?

Portable generator injuries can be serious. Depending on the circumstances, different parties can be held liable a portable generator accident. In some instances, the manufacturer or producer of a portable generator model may be held liable if the accident was directly caused by a defect with the product. For instance, if there is a defect that causes the generator to emit high amounts of carbon monoxide, the manufacturer might be held liable under a product liability theory of law.

Similarly, a rental company that rents or leases out portable generators might be held liable for negligently providing customers with a generator that is defective or that has been subject to recall. They might become liable if they provide a generator that they knew (or should have known) was likely to cause an accident, such as a fire or an explosion.

What are the Legal Remedies for a Portable Generator Lawsuit?

Portable generator accidents can result in severe injuries and/or property damage. In many instances, a lawsuit may be needed to resolve any legal disputes over losses. In such cases, the remedy will typically involve some form of monetary damages award to compensate the victim for losses. The damages can cover expenses like hospital and medical costs, loss of wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other costs.

As mentioned, a product recall may be issued for dangerous products, and class action lawsuits can result in cases where many consumers were injured by a portable generator issue.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Portable Generator Recall Legal Issue?

Portable generator recall lawsuits can involve some complex laws and statutes. It may be in your best interests to hire a defective products lawyer in your area if you need help with a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and representation for your claim, and can answer your questions along the way.