Obtaining Supervised Visitation

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Obtaining Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation occurs when a non-custodial parent spends time with her child while a third party observes. The visitation happens at a set place and time. It may occur in a public area such as a park. The third party is a designated adult. The designated third party can be:

Why Would Visitations Be Supervised?

Visitation is supervised for many different reasons. The parent may have a prior history of domestic violence or sexual abuse with the child. Other reasons include:

How Do I Obtain a Court Order for Visitations to Be Supervised?

The exact process of requesting a non-custodial parent has supervised visits depends on the state where the parents live. Typically, child custody arrangements are established in one of two ways:

Can I Request My Visits Change to Unsupervised Visits?

It depends on the specific factors of the parent’s case. The court can modify child visitation status to unsupervised visitation after a petition is filed. Also, both parents can agree to the change. In some states, the change can be made without court approval.

Should I Contact an Attorney about Supervised Visitations?

Child custody is a fluid situation. It is recommended that you contact a family law attorney about your rights and how you should proceed.

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