What is Supervised Visitation?

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What is “Supervised Visitation”?

Supervised visitation is a type of child visitation that is ordered by the court in certain situations.  With supervised visitation, the non-custodial parent is only allowed to visit with the child if a designated adult is present.  This usually requires the visitation to occur at a set time and place.  Also, some supervised visitation also involves public visitation (i.e., the requirement that the visitation occur in a public area).

Most custody and visitation orders involved unsupervised visitation, where the non-custodial parent doesn’t need another adult present during the visitation.  However, supervised visitation may be required under specific circumstances, especially if the relationship involves a previous history of abuse.

Can Supervision Orders Be Changed?

It is often possible to modify an existing visitation order.  For instance, a change in circumstances may allow a parent to have supervision go from supervised to unsupervised.  In order to do this, it is necessary to file a request with the court in order to have the order modified.

Or, if the visitation began as unsupervised, but then requires supervision, this can also be requested with the court.  Filing with the court requires timely action in order to avoid having issues with deadlines or court fees.

What if Visitation Guidelines are Violated?

Violations of court-ordered visitation guidelines can lead to legal penalties.  If the non-custodial parent fails to observe the supervision requirements, they can face consequences such as:

Thus, it’s important for both parties to be clear on their custody and visitation rights.  If they are unsure of how state laws may affect them, a lawyer may be needed.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for Help With Supervised Visitation?

Child visitation rights are designed to encourage the growth of the child-parent relationship, while at the same time protecting the child.  If you need assistance with supervised visitation requirements, you may need to hire lawyer.  An experienced lawyer in your area can inform you of your rights under law, and can represent you during family law proceedings.  

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