If a person is convicted of a criminal act, they face a wide range of penalties. These penalties depend on the exact crime, circumstances of the case, and a person’s prior criminal record. In Nevada, anyone convicted of a crime will face a criminal punishment, such as incarceration, a fine, and/or probation.

What Is a Felony?

A felony charge is a more serious criminal charge. Punishment for a felony often includes time in prison, parole, probation, and/or extensive fines.

What Are the Felony Classifications in Nevada?

The state has five felony classifications, each with their own form of punishment:

  • Class E: One to four years in prison and/or $5,000 fine
  • Class D: 19 months to four years in prison and/or $5000 fine
  • Class C: Two to five years in prison and/or $10,000 fine
  • Class B: Eight to 20 years in prison and/or $10,000 fine
  • Class A: Life in prison, death penalty, and fines

What Is a Misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a lesser criminal offense where a person may be punished with fines and/or jail time of a year or less.

What Categories Does Nevada Have for Misdemeanor Offenses?

Nevada has two types of criminal misdemeanors:

  • Misdemeanor
  • Gross Misdemeanor

What Is the Punishment for a Misdemeanor in Nevada?

A regular misdemeanor is the lowest type of crime punishable under Nevada law. A person convicted of this type of misdemeanor will receive:

  • Six months in county jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • Time in jail and a fine

What Is the Punishment for a Gross Misdemeanor in Nevada?

A gross misdemeanor is slightly more serious than a misdemeanor, but less serious than a felony. A person convicted of a gross misdemeanor will face:

  • About one year in county jail
  • $2,000 fine
  • A fine and county jail time

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Criminal Charge?

Being convicted of a crime in Nevada will leave you not only with a punishment but also with a criminal record. Contact a Nevada criminal lawyer if you are charged with any type of crime to see how you can defend yourself against the charge.