What Is Early Intervention?

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What Is Criminal Sentencing?

Criminal sentencing in court is the phase of a criminal trial where the defendant is told what their punishment is for committing the crime. This phase occurs after a defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty. A defendant can avoid this court phase in some criminal cases with early intervention.

What Is Early Intervention?

Early intervention is also referred to as pre-trial diversion or deferred prosecution. It refers to an alternative sentencing option for individual sentenced to certain crimes. Instead of going to jail or prison, the convicted person enters into a diversionary program.

At What Phase the Early Intervention Begin?

As indicated by its name, early intervention begins early on in the criminal case process. It often starts prior to the criminal trial, at which point it is known as pre-trial diversion.

Am I Eligible for Pre-Trial Diversion?

Usually, pre-trial diversion is reserved for people who commit crimes for the first time. The crimes they are accused of committing are usually less serious crimes such as possession of a certain drug. Eligibility requirements differ according to each jurisdiction. However, these eligibility requirements tend to include:

What Type of Diversionary Programs Are Available?

The diversion programs available depend on the need of the defendant. Types of programs available include:

Can I Ask for Early Intervention?

No, a defendant cannot ask to be placed in a diversion program. Typically, pre-trial diversion options are requested by the defendant’s lawyer. A judge may tell the defendant the diversion option is available.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Get into an Early Intervention Program?

Hiring a criminal attorney will help your chances of getting into an early intervention program. A criminal attorney in your area will know about what early intervention programs are available in your area and what the requirements are to qualify for them.

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