A criminal sentence is a type of punishment that may include paying fines, electronic monitoring, or incarceration. The exact punishment depends on the criminal act. In some criminal cases, a person may not spend their entire time in jail. Instead, they may be given an intermittent sentence.

What Is an Intermittent Sentence?

An intermittent criminal sentence is an alternative sentence that allows an offender to service time in jail in portions, or chunks, instead of all of one time. The offender goes to jail for a specific timeframe, such as three or four days. Then, they leave jail to return to their regular life. The cycle continues until they have finished their sentence.

Is Weekend Jail Time the Same as an Intermittent Sentence?

Yes. Some people refer to this type of sentence as “weekend jail time” because many offenders choose to serve their sentence on those days.

Will I Have to Go to Jail on the Weekends?

No. An offender sentenced to intermittent time can elect to complete their time at any point during the week. For example, one offender may choose to go to jail Monday to Wednesday. Another offender may choose to go to jail Thursday and get out on Monday.

Can I Receive This Sentence for Any Type of Crime?

No. Generally, a judge will only impose this sentence for crimes with a punishment lasting 90 days or less.

What Do I Need to Do to Qualify for an Intermittent Sentence?

An offender must show the judge that there is a job or other type of important responsibility that would make a traditional jail sentence hard to serve. The types of responsibilities that make a traditional sentence difficult to serve include childcare or school.

Is There a Chance I Will Not Receive a Weekend Sentence?

Yes. A judge probably will not give a weekend sentence to an offender with a history of violating probation or failing to comply with recognizances.

Do I Need to Talk to a Lawyer about a Weekend Sentence?

You should discuss this sentencing option with a criminal law lawyer. The lawyer will be able to explain if this is an option for you.