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Drug Rehabilitation Lawyers

Drug abuse is generally defined as the excessive use of a substance for non-medical purposes. Ingesting the substance impairs the emotional, mental, physical and social well-being of the user. Sometimes, a person may be required to attend drug rehabilitation as part of their sentence for committing a crime.

What Is a Drug Rehabilitation Program?

A drug rehabilitation program helps individuals addicted to drugs stop their substance abuse and rebuild their lives. While in the program, individuals:

Why Is Drug Rehabilitation a Part of the Criminal Justice System?

Drug rehabilitation is a part of the criminal justice system because some people commit crimes to feed their addiction. The hope is that a drug-addicted convict will no longer commit crimes if they can stop abusing drugs. Thus, drug rehabilitation is typically part of a diversionary program.

What Is a Diversionary Program?

A diversionary program allows offenders the opportunity to avoid incarceration and complete a rehabilitation program instead. An offender is placed under probationary supervision for about a year. During that time, they complete a drug rehabilitation program or anger management classes.

What Is Accelerated Rehabilitation

Accelerated rehabilitation is a type of diversionary program that includes mandatory drug education and monitoring. It is regulated by the state, and is generally for people with:

How Long Does Drug Rehabilitation Last?

How long someone spends in a residential or outpatient drug treatment program varies from person to person. The minimum length of time is normally 90 days, but it can be up to one year.

Should I Discuss Drug Rehabilitation with a Lawyer?

Drug rehabilitation is an extremely important part of building your life. It is highly recommended that you contact a criminal defense lawyer to discuss getting into drug rehabilitation program.

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