Some states place limitations on firearm possession and sales. These are the restriction on firearms in New York:

  • Juvenile Possession Law – This law bars possession of handguns for people under 21 and for other firearms for people under 16 years unless for supervised hunting.
  • Juvenile Sale/Transfer Law – This law bars or restricts the sale or transfer of specified guns to youth. In New York you have to be 19 to buy a firearm. Exceptions can be given for hunting.

Does New York Have a Child Access Prevention Law?

No, they don’t. Gun owner are not held accountable for leaving gun accessible for children as they are in many other states. But child-safety locks have to be sold with guns.

Does New York Require Background Checks?

Yes, a background check must be done at all handgun sales, including those at gun shows. Buyers have to obtain a license from law enforcement prior to purchasing a handgun. This background check can take up to six months. Applicants must be 21 years old and the license involves a criminal background check. New handguns have to be ballistically fingerprinted.

Is it Illegal to Carry a Concealed Weapon?

Yes, but the police can issue permits to carry a concealed weapon in public if they believe it’s in the interest of public safety.

Does New York Require a License to Possess Firearms?

Yes, state law requires firearms owners to have a license to possess from law enforcement. The license is good until revoked, except in New York City, Nassau/Suffolk/Westchester counties which have fixed license periods. A qualified New York lawyer experienced in gun rights can provide you more information if there is a legal basis for your case.

Does New York Have a Ban on Assault Weapons?

Yes, there is a partial ban on sale and possession of certain assault weapons and magazines.