One spouse may be required to pay the medical insurance coverage of the other spouse as part of a spousal support award.  Courts may also increase the amount of alimony so that the supported spouse will have the ability to purchase their own medical insurance.

What If The Insured Spouse’s Employer Sponsored His Insurance Plan?

An employer will often agree to pay an insured spouse’s premiums for a health insurance plan as an incentive to keep him as an employee in the company. Under such plans, the insured spouse’s wife is typically a beneficiary under the policy (similar to beneficiaries under a life insurance policy), allowing her to receive the benefits of the plan as well. Since she will cease to be a beneficiary under the plan in the event of a divorce, a majority of courts solve this by requiring the insurance company to offer a continuation of benefits at the same rates as her husband’s plan for up to three years after the marriage has ended.

Do I Need An Attorney If I Want To Include Medical Insurance As Part Of My Spousal Support?

Whenever spousal support arrangements are at issue, you should consult with a family lawyer. The proper attorney will not only inform you of your rights, but also preserve any possible legal remedies that you may have. He will also inform you of which experts may be necessary to determine the proper amount of spousal support that you should be awarded.