LGBT Rights in Washington State

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LGBT Rights in Washington State

In the past 15 years, Washington State has made some major changes and created numerous rights for LGBT individuals. Below are some of the rights that LGBT individuals have:

Laws against Homosexuality

Washington allows consensual homosexual activities. As of June 1975, Washington repealed its law against sodomy.

Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages

Washington has paved the way to recognize same-sex marriages. As early as 2001, Washington has provided spousal benefits to its state employees.

In 2007, Washington registered same-sex domestic partnerships. They also recognized same-sex domestic partnerships that were registered in other states.

Further, in 2011, Washington legalizes same-sex marriages. For domestic partnerships registered in Washington and have not been dissolved by June 30, 2014, these domestic partnerships will automatically convert into marriages.


Washington State does not prevent people from becoming parents. They allow individuals to adopt regardless of their marital status. Moreover, same-sex couples can adopt jointly.

Federal Income Tax

Since May 2010, the IRS allows same-sex couples to file their taxes jointly.

Since April 2011, Washington State has also allowed same-sex couples to file jointly.

Discrimination Protection

Washington State protects against gender discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination.

Moreover, Washington criminalizes hate crimes, which are malicious harassment crimes against individuals of a certain sexual orientation or gender identity.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, you need to consult an experienced LGBT rights lawyer. A lawyer can help you pave the way and improve your standard of living.

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